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Be a part of our network of individually owned dental clinics that group together to take advantage of consumable discounts, insurance negotiations, technology discounts, and much more!


All without the hassle of the day-to-day stressors that come with owning a clinic

What We Do


Be the leader of your clinic.


Practice the way that you want. 


Name and customize your brand how you want.


You focus on dentistry. We handle the rest.


We protect the interest of both the employer and employees with a focus on the employment process (hiring/firing/discipline), training, compensation, development of policies and procedures, HIPAA/OSHA regulations, and strategies for employee retention.


We manage the day-to-day accounting functions, including clinic A/R reconciliation, as well as analysis of month-end and year-end financials.  We also create and maintain annual budgets, and control the flow of all financial information.


We deliver internal and external marketing strategies utilizing digital and traditional marketing avenues. Our goal is to obtain new patients as well as retain existing patients while limiting the cost of acquisition.


We educate our teams internally on the importance of an organized clinical philosophy. Our focus is quality and regulatory control. This starts upon hiring and onboarding as well as throughout a 12-week training curriculum to ensure they have the resources they need to succeed in their position.


Hear from doctors who have found success in NBD Partnerships.


"My name is Kyla Boyd, I grew up in Bismarck, ND. I currently live in Sioux Falls, SD with my husband and two kids, Cooper (2 yo) and Collins (3 mo). My husband, Andrew, is also a dentist for Neighborhood Dental, at a different location. Andrew is from Mitchell, SD. We met in dental school in Arizona and wanted to move back somewhere in the Midwest close to our families while raising kids of our own. We are quite busy raising two young kids but NBD has given us the opportunity to be very present in our children’s lives. Working with the company, you can be as involved with as much or as little of the business side of things as you want. We have a great support team that literally handles anything you ask them to. They are there to support you and make your job as a dentist as easy as possible. They simply want you to focus on being a great dentist for the amazing patients that present to you!"

"My name is Mimi Long. I was born and raised in Overland Park, KS and attended UNMC College of Dentistry for dental school. After graduating and completing a general practice residency, I married my husband Rob and decided to stay in Nebraska. I had 6 years of private practice experience before I started with Star City Dental. I had wanted something in between being a solo practice owner and being a part of a large corporation and Star City Dental is just that. I have the support of the NBD Partnerships organization to provide structure and financial support (and more), but the autonomy to make the changes we see fit to run our office specific to Lincoln. My partnership with Dr. Fulton has also been so beneficial and has helped me grow as a practitioner and from a business standpoint. I am excited to see where the future takes Star City Dental and I am so happy to be a part of it!"

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