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Clinical Director

My name is Tia Meyer, and I am the Clinical Director for our offices. Part of my role is to help manage the clinical aspect of our offices. Our mission is to ensure we deliver a high standard of care to our patients. To do this, we strive to educate our teams internally on the importance of an organized clinical philosophy. My focus is quality and regulatory control. I work integrally with our office managers and clinical teams. This starts upon hiring and onboarding as well as throughout a 12-week training curriculum to ensure they have the resources they need to succeed in their position. Our goal within the support team is to serve as a direct resource for our offices and teams. We are here to alleviate any stressors that would take away from each team’s main priority, patient care. Our patients are our number one priority, and our systems allow for each provider to make them their focus!

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Director of Marketing

My name is Hannah Johnson, and I am the Director of Marketing at Neighborhood Dental. My team and I are responsible for all marketing activities and overseeing the development and delivery of a fully integrated marketing strategy with a focus on ROI. This includes both internal and external marketing efforts by utilizing digital and traditional marketing avenues. Our goal is to obtain new patients as well as retain existing patients while limiting the cost per patient acquisition.




I am Rachel Lord, and I am the Controller for Neighborhood Dental. My team and I manage the day-to-day accounting functions, including clinic A/R reconciliation, as well as analysis of month-end and year-end financials.  We also create and maintain annual budgets for all clinics.  We strive to efficiently and effectively control the flow of financial information from the clinics to our accounting team to our CPA. 



Regional Director

My name is Shari Love, and I am the Regional Director for our Nebraska clinics. I oversee all non-clinical operations of the dental offices, proactively search for candidates for job openings, work diligently on culture in the workplace,  and drive revenue growth in the region.

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Director of Human Resources

My name is Missy Ryan. I am the Director of Human Resources with Neighborhood Dental. My career in dental started out as an assistant, and I still hold my RDA license in SD. I, also, am a Certified Professional with the Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM-CP). As HR, my job is to protect the interest of both the employer and employees with a focus on the employment process (hiring/firing/discipline), training, compensation, development of policies and procedures, HIPAA/OSHA regulations, and strategies for employee retention.

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Director of Customer Service

My name is Chandra Green, and I am the Customer Service Director with Neighborhood Dental. My primary focus is the customer service experience, making every patient feel valued and appreciated. I am responsible for ensuring all patients have a stellar customer experience by providing customer service training and support, including phone training, scheduling training, and insurance training. I work closely with the marketing team to boost internal marketing through customer service.



Financial Director

Hello, my name is Amanda Frerichs, and I am the Financial Director. My team of Financial Coordinators and I work towards our department's goals of reducing the spread between production and collections, increasing over the counter collections, and reducing bad debt. We achieve this by strategizing over networks, TPAs, and carrier access, posting insurance payments and ensuring we were paid our negotiated fees, adjudicating claims, sending statements, making collection calls and working with the clinics to increase our over the counter collection efforts on the date of service to strive to eliminate bad debt.



Phone Coaching Coordinator

I am Denise Duffy, and I am the Phone Coaching Coordinator for Neighborhood Dental. I am responsible for developing all verbiage and train our customer service team to give our patients the best experience. I work with all support and staff to focus on patient care, culture as well as team empowerment.  

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