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are in our DNA and together we are unified in success


Rooted in Respect, Ingrained with Integrity

At NBD Partnerships, integrity forms the bedrock of our organization. It's not just a business practice; it's our identity. We prioritize integrity and respect when selecting partners and teammates, considering it the foremost quality. We cherish the trust our patients bestow upon us as our most precious asset, and we vow never to jeopardize or undermine it. In that sequence, our actions are guided by what suits our patients, practices, team members, and ourselves. 

Embracing Ownership

At NBD Partnerships, we uphold accountability as a cornerstone value, applying it to ourselves, our team, and most importantly, our patients. Accountability entails taking responsibility for our actions and decisions. It ensures that we are held to a standard of performance and behavior that aligns with our responsibilities. While similar to responsibility, accountability emphasizes oversight and the commitment to answer for our actions.


Neighborly Care & Service

At NBD Partnerships, our core values revolve around patient care and excellence. Every member of our team is dedicated to prioritizing the patient experience and delivering top-notch care. We operate with empathy, understanding the emotions of our patients and team members from their perspective. Additionally, we embody compassion, going beyond understanding to take proactive steps to support and assist those in our care. It's not just about acknowledging emotions; it's about taking meaningful action to enhance the well-being of patient we serve.

Seeing The Good

At NBD Partnerships, we value optimism and a positive outlook as essential components of our organizational culture. Optimism is more than just hoping for the best; it's about actively seeking the good in every situation and believing in the potential for positive outcomes. It empowers us to navigate challenges with resilience, seeing setbacks as temporary and opportunities for growth. Our optimism is grounded in reality, acknowledging the truth of our circumstances while remaining hopeful for a brighter future. We embrace hardships and mistakes as valuable learning experiences, driving us forward with determination and enthusiasm.

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